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Data Justice + Media Justice = Data-Informed Video Series:


Unmediated: adj. not communicated or transformed by an intervening agency

Reframed: verb to frame (something) in a different way or perspective




What is Data Justice? What is Media Justice? Why put them together?

Important work is being done throughout the country in these two areas.

Find out more about each by clicking the squares above.

We think there's power in putting them together, a groundbreaking idea born in the innovative, creative culture that is Muskegon Heights, Michigan!

Welcome to the data-informed video series 

We asked, residents responded. Six prioritized themes emerged. A compilation of short video vignettes, created and produced in Muskegon Heights, comprise each half hour episode focused on each of the six themes.

Unmediated and Reframed

Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4


Episode 5

Episode 6



In production summer and fall 2023, more information coming soon!

Sneak peek video below (press play).

Send us an email to receive updates or to get involved:

Coalition for Community Development (CCD) and Muskegon Heights Neighborhood Association Council (MHNAC), together with community partners and residents, present the visual, cultural, and data storytelling series Unmediated and Reframed. Based in Muskegon Heights, Michigan, a city with a majority Black population, we seek to amplify the resident voice - to tell our own story.


When it comes to data, we believe the closer the analysis is to the source, the more truth it will deliver. Partnering with Grand Valley State University (GVSU) Social Science Lab, we implemented a resident-led team that helps research, collect, and analyze data within our own community, where priorities and actionable steps can be determined based on this analysis. 


Read about the data area 

of the series in

this GVSU news article.

Furthermore, media is a powerful force in shaping narratives and influencing the mindset of people today. Partnering with GVSU, Mosaic Film Experience, and other creative partners, we implemented a local production team to bring these narratives to life. Visual storytelling reveals humanity in the statistics, it unpacks ideas and challenges assumptions. It can encourage people to reflect and consider things from different points of view. It provokes feedback for further analysis and discussion.


An empowered and engaged community is one that sees its cultural voice valued in the general conversations, it sees the ability to tell its own story rather than have others interpret data and context far removed from the source. It creates agency to develop infrastructure from within the community. When it comes to collaborating with outside organizations, efforts are more effective when connecting directly to the ideas and expressed priorities of those with the expertise of lived experiences. 

In addition to the video series, printed data reports (charts, etc) from this research will also be made available.


This program is supported in part by the Community Foundation for Muskegon County and many generous Funds.

Our data justice partners: GVSU Social Science Lab

Our media justice partners include: Mosaic Film Experience, D'Risen Production LLC, GVSU Visual Media Arts, Redemption Coalition LLC, Pathfinders of Muskegon, and more.

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Additional funding provided by the Sister Simone Courtade Fund and the Muskegon Health Equity Council.

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