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Neighbor Link-Up & Neighborhood Association Support

Neighbors value getting to know each other better, looking out for one another with caring relationships, and feeling a sense of community. Activities include conversations around the table, block parties, and supporting the renewal of Neighborhood Associations (a city initiative). CCD is in close partnership with the Muskegon Heights Neighborhood Association Council (MHNAC), and worked together to create the "We Empower Us" booklet, inspired as a community response to the Governor of Michigan's Executive Directive: Racism is a Public Health Crisis. This booklet was printed and distributed to residents of Muskegon Heights, as well as provided to local, regional, and state representatives. Click here or on booklet icon below to read the booklet in digital format.

Currently, CCD and MHNAC are developing the Visual, Cultural & Data Storytelling Series. We are working in collaboration with the GVSU School of Sociology to build a module for local data collection and with the Department of Visual and Media Arts to assist with interpreting information in a lively, visual way - amplifying the perspective and lived experiences of Muskegon Heights residents. More information can be found on the Unmediated & Reframed page.










Partnerships that Empower

CCD is a small organization, but the value of its roots in the Muskegon Heights community is large. When we enter into partnerships and collaborations with larger organizations, we do so with critical evaluation of the ways in which we participate, alignment of goals and missions, stewardship and recognition of any information or content created, and ongoing interest and involvement of residents in the process.

CCD partnered with the Muskegon NAACP Unit #3147, the MAISD, and the Lakeshore Museum Center to create inclusive materials for the museum's education center, including a 30-minute video documenting the 100 year anniversary of the local NAACP unit and the Civil Rights history of Muskegon County. Watch that video here.


In 2019, CCD collaborated on a project called the "South Heights Photovoice Initiative," a partnership with Muskegon Community Health Innovation Region. The group of residents who participated steered the direction of the process, discussed and decided on content, and retained full control of production and design decisions for images and narratives included. The group also decided when and how to present the public exhibition of the materials, and continue to be involved in how and when the exhibition is displayed. Please view the brief video of the process here, and the full exhibition booklet PDF version here. CCD continues to work with the Photovoice group to help move the ideas contained within the initiative forward. The Livability Lab teams 1 & 2 are in part a result of the ideas from this initiative. To learn about other community collaborations and partnerships, please see our Year In Review report here.


Resident interest in civic engagement and policy change, health disparities, economic empowerment and ownership

As our community is looking to gain better representation and influence in local, state, and federal decision-making and policies, we have heard from residents that more information about the civic engagement would be helpful. See the "Words into Action" series that kicked off on September 19, 2020 (flyer and full video available at bottom of page).  


Economic growth and wealth-building is an area where residents have voiced a need, especially young adults just starting or growing their career who would like to see Muskegon Heights as a welcome and supportive destination for entrepreneurs and business-owners. Some CCD Board Members are also involved with Muskegon Young Black Professionals (MYBP), the Muskegon Heights Business Association, and other groups and we encourage residents to add their energy and ideas to the discussions, so CCD can find ways to be supportive of efforts to move forward in the area of economic empowerment.

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Click here to watch full video of the INSPIRING

Sept. 19 presentation!

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