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The Legacy of Dr. Doris Rucks:

Coalition for Community Development (CCD) 


CCD has been a part of Muskegon Heights for nearly

eighteen years now, carrying on the legacy of

our founder, Dr. Doris Rucks. 


Shortly after her death in 2016, Mlive wrote: Rucks' Muskegon activism

began early. When she was in her 20s, she helped found the

Citizens Recreation Association to provide better housing, living conditions and recreation for the scores of Black southerners who migrated to Muskegon to work in the factories during World War II. In 1949, the association transformed into the Urban League of Greater Muskegon, and equality became its focus. She remained active with the Urban League, the NAACP and Black Women's Political Caucus...In 2005, Rucks founded the Coalition for Community Development, a nonprofit, grass-roots organization that would become her lasting legacy.


Some know CCD by name, some may not. We are an organization that always seeks to center neighbors' voices in decision-making. It is what determines our actions, so this quiet persistence of walking steadfastly alongside rather than out front may sometimes result in going unnoticed. 


The CCD Board of Trustees, however, feels this moment in time compels us to raise our voice and be heard loud and clear. Since our founding, we have been and will continue to be focused on empowering one another and supporting a thriving community in Muskegon Heights, a city whose population is majority Black/African American. This means we devote our actions in large part to address both cause and effect of systemic racism. Discrimination and bias impacts all facets of life: economics, education, health, lived environment, safety and security, and more. We stand committed and persistent with our Muskegon Heights neighbors - in the words of our wise and wonderful Board Member Ms. Mildred Johnson, "we continue in the struggle for the oneness of humankind."


Actions speak louder than words. Here are the ways CCD takes action to mitigate effects and tackle causes - past, present, and plans for the future. We do this while celebrating our city and its culture, and building off our many strengths. All are invited and welcome to join CCD in these community-driven efforts, empowerment grows as we come together in this work. Please see below for list of actions and contact us to learn more. 


Systemic racism: Mitigating effects, tackling root causes


Here is a brief list of actions. Please follow link to read more details about each.


Partnership with Muskegon Heights Schools and Michigan Department of Education

Children deserve to have quality education and learning experiences, it builds a foundation for future successes. CCD:

Staffs (volunteers) and maintains school libraries and media centers

Provides one-on-one mentor program

Organized and supports field trips and external experiences

Music (recoder) program for 4th grade through partnership with West Michigan Symphony/Carnegie Hall


Dr. Doris Rucks Legacy Scholarship and tSpencer Norman Scholarship

Dr. Rucks scholarship supports Muskegon Heights residents in their pursuit of professional development and learning opportunities.

Spencer Norman scholarship offers a yearly scholarship for Muskegon Heights students attending Muskegon Community College.


"Who Gets to Tell the Story Matters" - Curriculum centered on Black History and Experience added to K-12 education, local museum, and libraries

CCD partnered with the Muskegon Area Intermediate School District (MAISD) and Muskegon NAACP to increase broad historical inclusion of the Black experience and contributions to Muskegon County in general curriculum across the county. Supported with a grant from the Community Foundation for Muskegon County. Watch the Civil Rights Centennial Video here.


Friends of the Muskegon Heights District Library (MADL)

Public libraries are the nation's most democratic institutions. They ensure ALL people have access to information and lifelong learning. CCD supports the local library through the Friends of the Muskegon Heights District Library committee.


Access to healthy food and nutrition: School and community gardens

Racial disparities often affect availability of food options in a community. To increase access to healthy food and knowledge about nutrition, CCD partnered with the schools and created gardens at Edgewood Elementary and Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary. 


Chef Demonstrations and Tastings

In 2019, CCD launched the "School Garden to Family Table" initiative that brought the healthy foods out of the gardens and into different neighborhoods across Muskegon Heights with cooking demonstrations and tastings by Chef Edriese Jenkins. Supported with a grant from Sister Simone Courtade fund.


Seeds of Hope Community Garden 

Garden beds are available for neighbors and groups to participate, and the produce harvested is offered to members of the community. Location is at Barney & Leahy. A welcoming pavilion is available for community gatherings.



Prioritized by a neighborhood survey, CCD invested in a trailer full of tools and has been organizing weekend cleanups for several years now. Increasingly, our team works together with neighborhood associations and local business leaders in collaborative cleanup days.


Neighbor Link-Up and Neighborhood Association Support

Neighbors value getting to know each other better, looking out for one another with caring relationships, and feeling a sense of community. Activities include conversations around the table, block parties, and supporting the renewal of Neighborhood Associations. CCD is an active partner with the recently formed Muskegon Heights Neighborhood Association Council (MHNAC), including working with the Crescent Neighborhood Association on the "Words Into Action" series, supporting capacity-building efforts, and developing projects that amplify the resident voice. More information about MHNAC can be found at 


Partnerships that Empower

CCD is a small organization, but the value of its roots in the Muskegon Heights community is large. When we enter into partnerships and collaborations with larger organizations, we do so with critical evaluation of the ways in which we participate. 


What's new: Visual, Cultural & Data Storytelling Series

CCD partners with the Muskegon Heights Neighborhood Association Council, in collaboration with Grand Valley State University School of Sociology and Department of Visual and Media Arts, with support from the Community Foundation for Muskegon County and the Sister Simone Courtade Fund, to develop a sustainable structure for resident-led data collection, analysis, and reporting qualitative and quantitative information - through various mediums - from the citizens of Muskegon Heights. Want to be involved, please send us an email through the quick form at bottom of this page.


Play the sneak peek teaser video by clicking below.

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Our Vision

To be an organization that empowers one another

Our Mission

We seek to build relationships with neighbors to support a thriving community in Muskegon Heights

Contact Coalition for Community Development

Get in touch with Coalition for Community Development to learn more about our work and find out how to volunteer or donate. We appreciate your support!

P.O. Box 4618

Muskegon Heights, MI 49444, USA

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